Translation, proofreading, editing and localization

Wordbusters is a modern, Internet-based company that primarily works with translations between English and the four Nordic languages. We also provide proofreading, editing and some secretarial services. More information about the services we provide can be found under SERVICES. Wordbusters has a network of branch contacts so that if you require translations in other languages, Wordbusters will be able to help you. Wordbusters does a lot of work with companies outside Sweden. A selection of these companies and a brief description of the relevant projects are displayed under PORTFOLIO. Every project is priced after we have assessed it according to difficulty, volume, language combination and deadline. Read more about our pricing under PRICING. You may already know what needs to be done. If so, directly to our ORDER section, where you can request a quote or manage your order. Should you have additional queries regarding our company or our services please to CONTACT, where you will find more information.