Translation, proofreading, editing and localization

Wordbusters has the whole world as its marketplace. As we are a Swedish firm, with Swedish as our mother tongue, we are most often hired by foreign companies who wish to market themselves to Swedish speakers. Some of the companies we have worked with (and continue to work with) are listed below, along with a brief description of the project(s).

Academy Translations, Australia
Academy used us for localization of a software package used for creating web shops. Localization from English to Swedish.

Aktuel Translations, Great Britain
This company needed an English users guide for farm tractors translating to Swedish.

EAM Language Consultants, Great Britain
Wordbusters was hired to perform QA-testing for this firm. We checked the quality of the Swedish translation as well as the technical functions (links) on this web site.

GADIR, Escuela Internacional de Español, Spain
GADIR, a Spanish language school, contacted Wordbusters for the translation of a newsletter. The information, originally written in English, was intended for Swedish students who wanted to develop their Spanish skills.

GlobalVision International Inc, USA
This American firm hired us for the localization of CAD/CAM Software. We translated the user manual (470+ pages). This is an oning relationship, where Wordbusters translate updates of the manual to the Swedish language.

LinguaVox, Spain
LinguaVox was hired by an American company for translations for one of the great motion picture companies. A new production will be presented on their web site in several languages, one of which is Swedish, and LinguaVox used Wordbusters for the translation. We also translated a press release for a major computer manufacturers.

Vertaalbureau Boot, Netherlands
Boot is a also company that returns to us with work. One of the projects was the localization of hearing aid software from English to Swedish.