Translation, proofreading, editing and localization


We translate Your documents, fax messages, home pages, manuals, brochures etc. fast and correct, naturally adapted to the environment for which the material is intended. Wordbusters translate from English into the four Nordic languages, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish. If you require other language combinations, we can help you with that too. Just contact us for a quote.

Editing Rates

If you simply wish to have your material proofread by professionals, Wordbusters will help you. Our software ensures that there are no unnecessary repetitions in the text, which will be edited to be as readable and appropriate as possible, as well as ensuring there are no spelling mistakes.

Error Correction Image

If you wish to translate your material yourself we are able to assist with editing your translation. We compare the source text with the target text and correct any misunderstandings or language errors. We will also take the text's tone into account, avoiding unnecessary repetions and misspelling.


Localization is the word for the translation and adaptation of a product, e.g. software, for a new market, in order to accommodate linguistic and cultural differences. It is more than a linguistic translation and takes into account factors such as the market's requirements and characteristics. If a computer game for children is to be localized, we use the terminology used by young computer users.